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alltransline 2012-11-15 16:37:15
제 목 Is it possible to import milk and cream to Korea ? QIA answers as below
Dairy products such as milk may be imported from foreign countries only when the pasteurization treatment such as
UHT, HTST, and LTLT (except countries with foot-and-mouth disease) meets the requirements of the Range and
Standard for the Sterilization,
Pasteurization, and Processing of Designated Quarantine Goods (Notice No. 2003-7) by the Quarantine Service.
To verify the range and standard for pasteurization, the following documents are required based on the notification
(Item 1, Article 6. Verification Methods):
1. Certificate of Quarantine issued by the Veterinary Quarantine Authority of the exporting country
2. Heat Treatment Certificate (or official document) of the stated goods as approved or issued by exporting authorities
(including local authorities)
3. Notarized documents bearing the signature of representative as issued by the producers in the exporting country
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