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제 목 Notice of QIA

< Quarantine inspection service and Quarantine inspection for imported animals >

1) Submission of Animal Import Plan - Animal Import Plan should be submitted to District office before the import of animals
in accordance with relevant regulations

2) Report of arrival - Importer of animals should report to District office by telephone or writing of the arrival of animals and
detailed plan for unloading and transportation

3) On-board inspection - On-board inspection for vessel is performed in an outer port
- On-board inspection for aircraft is performed in a reasonable area for prevention of livestock epidemic
- Inspection items
* Details of transportation
* Health condition during transportation and clinical inspection
* Health certificate issued by exporting country
* Conformity to animal health requirements by Korean authority

4) Unloading and transportation - Unloading and transportation should be carried out in a safe way to prevent the
livestock epidemic by unloading company, transportation company

5) Moorage in quarantine station - Moorage during quarantine period which includes re-inspection period

6) Application for quarantine inspection- Required documents
* Application form provided by QIA
* Health certificate issued by exporting country
* Vaccination certificate required by relevant regulations or by animal health requirements agreed with exporting country
- Reference documents
* Reference documents can be required by quarantine officer to verify the authenticity of quarantine application or import
license, etc

7) Epidemiological investigation - Review of quarantine application and attached documents
- Review of the results of on-board inspection
- Any other necessary epidemiological investigate

8) Clinical inspection and laboratory test - Individual clinical check 1∼2 times a day in accordance with clinical inspection
- Laboratory test in accordance with test methods by species

9) Judgement - Qualified : Issuance of quarantine certificate
- Disqualified : Return, Incineration or Burial
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