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제 목 New Drug Control Policies by KFDA
The history of Narcotics control in Korea        
        1) The changes in national drug related legislation
        2) Movement of drug offenders
Aims for Narcotics Control and System          
        1) Objectives
        2) Control system
Regulatory Infrastructure
        1) Legislations and Definition on Narcotics
Drug control Policies
New  Drug Control Policies

*  Gradual increase since 2004  in number of offenders. (about  10,000)
*  More than 70% of drug offenders are psycho tropics in Korea.
*  Most of psycho tropics are ATS(Amphetamine-Type Stimulant)
   Korea is drug-consuming country(consumption 60%, smuggling 20%,
   trafficking etc, 20%)

◆ Relevant organizations
  ◊ Ministry of Health and Welfare
    - operation of law, etc. : submission  and declaration of narcotics law
    - research on drug abuse prevention and treatment, rehabilitation for addicts
    - international cooperation, exchange of information on narcotics between law enforcement agencies

  ◊ Ministry of Foreign Affair
    - collection and distribution of drug data
    - participation in international meetings (INCB, UNODC ) and notify the
       conclusion to competent authorities
    -  Indication of national stance to related international organization
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