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제 목 KFDA plans on year-round control on illegal and adulterated food!
- Rigid control on sanitation operation and fraudulent act of the producers
Korea Food and Drug Administration(KFDA) announced it would clamp down on chronically vulnerable sanitary control and
on deceitful act of habitual and will-ful illegalities throughout the year to eradicate illegal and adulterated food.
To root out insanitary cooking and manufacturing process, KFDA will carry out intensive monthly control on ▲ cooked food
sold in convenience stores (including restaurants in rest areas) ▲ instant food sold in discount stores ▲ Franchise/family
restaurants ▲ PB food products sold in discount stores. It will also focus on blocking consumer fraud by collecting and
examining ▲ false labeling of contents such as vitamin and calcium contents ▲ false labeling of caffeine content in
caffeinated products ▲ violation of labeling standards for 'additive free' labeling products
Additionally, the year-round inspections will be carried out on ▲ production and sales of false sesame oil
▲ Restaurants in wedding/funeral halls and delivery restaurants etc.

* In 2011, inspectors found 110 violations on production and sales of false sesame oil, insanitary production condition of fish paste
product manufacturers and false and exaggerative advertisement of mobile sales advertisement

KFDA hopes for year-round control to mark improvements in stubbornly vulnerable sanitation operations and further quell a sense
of public insecurity about food.  It plans to inform the industry of the inspection plans by sector prior to the inspection to spur self
control, conduct sterner punishments by decree for companies violating the standards and examine post evaluation on
reformation to improve the problem
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