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제 목 Nutritional Labeling Secures Seasonal Dine-out
Nutritional Labeling Secures Seasonal Dine-out
- Extra Voluntary Nutrition Labeling extends to Family Restaurants -

KFDA announced that it will arrange extra voluntary nutrition labeling in Family Restaurants including VIPS(76 locations nationwide)
and Outback Steakhouse (3 of the total restaurant chains) Voluntary nutrition labeling in Family Restaurants have been implemented
since December 2010 in 'T.G.I Friday's (33chains)', 'Bennigans (22chains)' and 'VIPS(5chains)' and it is expected to extend to
'Outback Steakhouse(103 locations nationwide)' in April this year. These restaurants will seek to provide 'servings per meal'
and content information of calories, sugar, sodium, protein and saturated fats per 100g for steak, pasta and other main menus
that are cooked and served.

KFDA explained that they are further promoting voluntary nutrition labeling to induce environment for healthy food choice and
development of nutritious menus for the nation.

Meanwhile, the designation of nutrition labeling in food-service industry has been initiated in Coffee franchises such as Starbucks, Pascucci, Hollys, etc (2008.7~) followed by the gradual expansion to Expressway rest area(2010.3~), Family Restaurants(2010.12~) and Snack bars including Gimgane, Myung In Mandoo(2011.10~).

KFDA urged consumers to check the nutritional values to secure healthy food choice in Family Restaurants in holiday season.

The KFDA plans to expand nutrition labeling in 170 locations of Expressway rest areas nationwide and restaurants within children's amusement facilities next year.

* Children's Amusement facilities : Samsung Everland, Seoul Land, The Children's Grand Park, Lotte World

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