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제 목 New Year of 2012
Happy New Year !!!
Countdown Seoul 2012 to be held in Times Square

The Countdown Seoul 2012 will take place at Times Square at the Yeongdongpo Station area on Dec. 31.
Beginning in the early evening, a festival will kick off with 20 performances of different artists and bands culminating in Seoul's biggest countdown event.

The time measurement of the Orient, called the cycle of sixty, comprises ten calendar signs and 12 subcomponents (which refer to animal signs). 2012 is the Imjin year. ‘Im’ (壬) represents the color black, as well as water among the five elements of nature. ‘Jin’ (辰)’ stands for dragon. Thus, 2012 becomes the year of the black dragon. This year, the dragon meets with water, which calls for good fortune. The dragon, an imaginary creature, signifies courage, flying high and hope. The Imjin year comes every 60 years so most people will encounter Imjin only once or twice in their lifetime. This rarity raises expectations all the more. All this talk may be superstition or it could contain truths about the mystical theory of the universe. Also, good fortune only comes to those who have the right conditions to receive it. At any rate, ominous signs spur positivity and optimistic thinking produces results in real life. The hoopla surrounding the year of the black dragon may not be empty talk after all.
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